High quality, scented organic candles from natural sources - sustainable, kind to the environment, and stunningly fragrant.

Uplifting and refreshing scents for a zingy, come alive kind of candle fragrance.

Beautiful floral scents hand poured just for us. Heady fragrances of ‘just picked’ Lavender, Wild Flowers, Jasmine and Lily.

Indulge yourself with the fresh, lively fragrances of the Fresh Candle Collection, scents that will make your senses tingle with delight.

Surround yourself with the gorgeous aromas of fruits – summer fruits, forest fruits and scents to revitalise the soul.

Fabulous scents where East meets West and spices and sweet notes combine to produce a fragrance to awaken the spirits.

Subtle, easy to live with scents with a woody base and overtones of freshness.