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Hand Crafted Garden Planter

All Natural And Very Country...

Beautiful small garden planter that is handmade by a woodland craftsman. Each one is individual (no two are the same), made from coppiced hazel and is completely natural. How lovely it would look planted with cottage garden flowers or architectural plants. All the planters within a size bracket are approximately the same size.

These planters come untreated, you can help their longevity by using wood preservative if you wished or just keep them as they are and let them age naturally.

Size: H33 x W50 x D50cm (Small)

          H30 x W65 x D65cm (Medium)

          H40 x W97 x D52cm (Large)

Please note that that the small and medium planters if ordered in singles will be the delivery cost as per your region (UK, Scotland, Europe etc). If ordered in multiples the delivery will be quoted to you as it will exceed the 'single' cost. For a single/multiple purchase of the large planter the cost of delivery will be quoted.

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Hand Crafted Planter - Small

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