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Design hints and tips

Home, Interior & Lighting Trends 2016

wood-desk-lamp-contemporary-desresdesignLighting – What’s Your Style?

We love keeping up with home and interior trends, and 2016 offers exciting themes.

Lighting & Home Trend 2016 – Kitsch-Chic

Kitsch celebrates modern icons that border on bad taste – but when put into an eclectic mix,  fuse to an ironic, playful and confident vibe.  If you like kitsch, you’re probably [...]

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Urban Wild Interior Trend 2016 Interiors: Inspired by Nature & Mixing Textures

The trend for bringing organic textures and elements of nature into your home continues to trend.  We’ve said it before –  a main driver for this enduring trend is the relief it brings to our busy, technology driven lives.  Nature is soothing and restorative, and we crave [...]

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Interior Trends 2016

interior-design-trends-2016-desresdesignWhat Home Trend Will You Go For?

One of our favourite jobs is reseaching up and coming interiors trends for the coming seasons – and OMG what an existing mix 2016 brings us.

Interior Trend 2016: Wild Urban | Nature

The trend began as ‘bring the outdoors indoors’ and keeps evolving.  It’s driven by the [...]

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